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Current Advertisement Rates & Conditions :

Rate of Classified advertisement from 1 July 2019

• For bordering an advertisement Rs. 500.00 for advertisements under Patra Chai, Patri Chai, Patra-Patri Chai and Rs 700.00 for other headings.
• Charges for bold letter for all advertisements Rs. 17.00 per letter.
• For loss of LIC Policy, advertisements should be given alongwith a scanned picture of advertisements in LIC's pad with logo or LIC's printed form with rubber stamp.
• After submitting the advertisement, if advertiser does not want to publish the advertisement then it should be informed one day before the publishing date (Monday to Friday/Sunday by Friday) by 2 pm (Sunday closed) physically at office or through mail. Else he/she can shift the date within one month of the booking date. In both the cases no money will be refunded or adjusted against any other advertisement.
• Any complain regarding Classified advertisements, should be informed to our classified department personally or by mail within 15 (fifteen) days from date of publication with the receipt. (Telephone messages will not be entertained).
• Charge of full body bold advertisements are double the charge of normal advertisement.
• Scheme Advertisement - Tuesday (Kormokhali, Babsya Banijya, agent/distributer and stockist-dealer) Thursday (Griha Shikshak/Shikshika chai, Griha Shikshkata Korte Chai, and School college Shiksha) and Saturday (Jomi Bari Kroy Bikroy, Bari Ghar Flat Bhara and office Dokan goodum) 10% discount on normal rate.
• Internet Edition: Sunday advertisements could be seen in Internet Edition for 7 days by paying a minimum extra amount of Rs 40/- for advertisements under Patra Chai, Patri Chai, Patra-Patri Chai and Rs 60/- for other headings mentioned under point no 6.
• Charges for bold letter for all advertisements Rs. 17.00 per letter.

Standard Rates

1) Advertisement of Rs. 160.
A) Jibjontu
Minimum rate (50 Letter) Rs. 160.00
Extra per letter Rs. 5.00
Photo 3 c.m. (Coloured) Rs. 900.00
In this advertisement photo (colour), bigger or smaller than 3 c.m., and more than 500kb are not allowed
2) Advertisement of Rs. 175.
These are personal advertisement, no commercial word will be mentioned in this.
Smarane, Shraddhanushthan, Shok Sanbad and Janmadin, Annaprashan, Upanayan, Shubhechchha, shubha Bibaha, Bibaha Barshiki, Bidesh Yatra, etc
Minimum rate 1st 50 letter Rs. 175.00
Extra per letter Rs. 6.00
Photo 4 c.m. (Coloured) Rs. 1000.00
Scanned Photo (coloured), bigger or smaller than 4 c.m., are not allowed.
Scanned Photo copy of death certificate within one year of death is required for advertisements in Smarane Shraddhanushthan, Shok Sanbad.

3) Advertisement of Rs. 250.
Matrimonial (Patra-Patri Chai)
Minimum rate (First 50 letter with address) Rs. 250.00
Extra per letter Rs. 9.00

4) Advertisement of Rs. 400.
Section Includes:
Ghatak Chai, Ghatak*, Bibaha Protisthan*, Cattering*, Hotel/Restaurent*, Holiday Home*, Guest House*, Bhraman O Thrithajatra*, Jomi-Bari Kroy Bikroy (On behalf of any association)*, Bari Ghar Flat Bhara, Kroy Bikroy*, Bhara/Lease, Babsa Banijya*, Agent/Distributor*, Stockist-Dealer*, Automobile*, Motor Bus Lorry*, Car lift*, Chamber*, Office Dokan Goodam*, Karkhana Shed*, Yantrapati*, Typewriter*, Chapakhana*, Photography*, Computer*, Sangitkala*, Pustak O Samoyikpotro*, Abhineta Abhinetri*, Modelling*, Saj Sojja*, Beauty Parlor*, Protiyogita*, Prodorshani*, Punarmilan*, Anushthan*, Picnic*, Magic*, Karmaparthi, Karmakhali*, Professional service*, Mutual Paribartan, Grihashikshakata Korta Chai, Grihashikshak-shikshika Chai, School Colledge Shiksha*, Briddhashram*, Crech*, Mess-Boarding*, Paying Guest, Baktigoto*, Oushadh O Chikitsa*, Dattak Chai, Abedan*, Shahayyaprarthi, ashrayaprarthi, Sanbad*, Pashupakhi, Lottery*, Lottery Phalaphal*, Neelam*, Bijnapan Chai*, Thikana Poribartan*, Harano Prapti* (Scanned copy of diary at police Station required), Bhrama Sansodhan & other commercial advertisement.

Commercial Advertisements
Minimum rate (First 30 letter with address) Rs. 400.00
Extra per letter Rs. 15.00
Scanned copy of Advertisements should be in letter head pad with proper name and full address for each of the above star marked categories.
5) Advertisement of Rs. 450.
Gurudev, Gurumaa, Puja related any advertisement (Amantron, Utsov, Shradhanjalee)
Minimum rate (First 50 letter) Rs. 450.00
Extra per letter Rs. 10.00
Photo 4 c.m. (colour) Rs. 1400.00
Scanned copy of Letter head required if name of the organisation mentioned.
Photo (coloured) bigger or smaller than 4 c.m. are not allowed.

6) Kenakata (advertisement of a particular product or shop).
1 column 4 c.m. (not more than 70 letters) Rs. 2000.00
* Published on all day except Sunday.
No additional charge is applicable for bold type and border.
Logo cannot be used in this type of advertisement.

7) Jotish O Bhagya Ganana.
Jotish O Bhagya Ganana
1 column 5 c.m. Rs. 2000.00
3 c.m. photo with 90 letters or 75 letters and a heading of not more than 10 letters or without photo not to exceed 240 letters or 225 letters and a heading of not more than 10 letters. Without photo minimum 235 letters should be written.
* Publishing day from Monday to Saturday, not on Sunday.

8) Classified Display (Only on Sunday).
Patro Chai, Patri Chai, Patro-Patri Chai (Colour)
a)1 column x 4 c.m. (not more than 75 letters including address and box number.) Rs. 2000.00
b)1 column x 6 c.m. (Not more than 120 letters including address and box number.) Rs. 2500.00
c)1 column x 8 c.m. (Not more than 170 letters including address and box number.) Rs. 3000.00
9) Classified Display (Only on Sunday).
Bhraman, Bishay Sampatti, Ganer Bhuvan, Bhagya Charcha, Hotel(Colour)
a) 1 column x 4 c.m. (75 letter) Rs. 2500.00
b) 1 column x 6 c.m. (120 letter) Rs. 3000.00
c) 1 column x 8 c.m. (with photo (coloured) 75 letters, without photo 170 letters) Rs. 3500.00
Logos can not be used in these categorie of advertisements.
These advertisements are in bold type with border.
Photo (coloured) may be printed with Bhagya Charcha and Ganer Bhuvan only

10) Classified Display Personal (CDP).
Regular display personal advertisement will be published under the following heads
Smarane, Shraddhanusthan, Shok Sanbad, Shraddhanjali, Annaprasan, Jonmodin, Subha Bibaha, Bibaha Barshiki, Uponayan, Bidesh Yatra, Subhechha, Nirudesh, Utshab, Amantran, Jotish etc.
All West Bengal Rs. 800.00
Advertiser may create an art work as per his/her choice. Advertisement will be published on any left hand side page. Minimum size is 10 c.m. (2 column x 5 c.m.). Upper limit of height. is 40 c.m. (2 column x 20 c.m.) Width of 2 column is 8.00 c.m.